Tragedy on Mount Marapi: Eleven Hikers Die in Devastating Eruption

Volcanic eruption of Mount Marapi in Indonesia
Volcanic eruption of Mount Marapi in Indonesia

Another tragedy struck Indonesia with the eruption of Mount Marapi, one of its active volcanoes. Eleven hikers were found dead near the crater after a dramatic eruption over the weekend. Rescuers managed to save three other people, but the search for the 12 missing was suspended due to a new eruption.


At the time of the eruption, 75 climbers were in the area, but most were safely evacuated. Mount Marapi threw ash up to 3 km into the sky, forcing authorities to declare the alert at the second highest level. Residents were strictly prohibited from coming within 3 km of the crater.

Video footage of the eruption offers a striking glimpse of a massive cloud of volcanic ash spreading across the sky, covering cars and roads in fine gray dust. Located on the island of Sumatra, at the western tip of Indonesia, Mount Marapi, 2,891 meters high, is a poignant reminder of the power and danger of the “Pacific Ring of Fire”, a region prone to intense volcanic and seismic activity. Residents now face a strict ban on approaching the danger zone, bearing witness to the tragic consequences of this devastating eruption.