Haiti – SOS: Carrefour-Feuilles under bullets, the population finds refuge at the Gymnasium Vincent

Carrefour-Feuilles is in turmoil. Let's imagine for a moment: you are living peacefully at home and suddenly, armed men from the neighboring neighborhood, Grand Ravine, arrive. They have been spreading terror for two weeks already. And the flames they light? Houses are burning and fear sets in.

Strong armed tensions in Haiti

So what to do? For many, the Gymnasium Vincent is the rallying point. They run there, hoping for a haven of peace. But, to tell the truth, it’s not really paradise there. Imagine for a moment: too many people, suffocating heat, and bellies crying out for hunger.

On the internet, messages are pouring out. “Mezanmi, Carrefour-Feuilles needs help, I’m stuck!” Words which, between the lines, scream distress. The fear is palpable, and the sadness too.

What breaks the heart are these people who have nothing left. A house in ashes, memories gone. Speaking to Juno7, a mother shares her despair: “I miss my home. I would like to find my city, but how? My wallet is empty.”

And at the Gymnasium Vincent? Promiscuity is the key word. People pile up, tents pile up. “We just want to go back,” whispers an old lady. “We are waiting for a gesture, an outstretched hand.”

Outside, Carrefour-Feuilles is rumbling. The streets echo with the footsteps of demonstrators, cries for more security. But calm is slow to return. And in the meantime, the toll rises: more than twenty lives taken, according to rights groups.

The situation is tense, but amid the chaos, hope persists. Carrefour-Feuilles waits, hopes, and still hopes that the next day will be better.