USA: Arby's manager admits to urinating in milkshake mix

Arby's Fast food
Arby’s Fast food

Washington police have accused an Arby's official of urinating in the milkshake mix.

In a press release, the police claim to have obtained images of Mr. Stephen Harp urinating into the mixing container of the Milkshake, which was then served to between 30 and 40 people

Mr. Harp was initially under investigation for child pornography.

Mr. Harp, the suspect, admitted the acts of which he was accused. He admitted to urinating in the mixture at least a few times, but was almost sure he threw it away afterwards.


He was arrested and appeared in Clark County Superior Court on a new allegation of second-degree sexually motivated assault.

Vancouver police said they are looking for people who may have purchased the tainted milkshakes on October 30 or 31, 2021 at the Arby's location at 221 Northeast 104 Avenue, Vancouver, Washington.

Arby’s est une chaîne américaine de sandwicheries de restauration rapide avec plus de 3 300 restaurants dans tout le système et la troisième en termes de revenus. En octobre 2017, Food & Wine a appelé Arby’s “la deuxième plus grande chaîne de sandwichs d’Amérique”.


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